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26.06 - 17.07.2022 / opening night 26.06 - 18:00

As part of the ARV.I artist residency program, Tereza Tomanová concludes her artist-in-residence with the solo exhibition, titled KU KU, at Gallery Heerz Tooya.

Tereza Tomanová presents a series of new artworks based on everyday glimpses during her stay in the village Vishovgrad. With her artistic practice, Tomanová usually provides the exhibition spectators with multilayered situations open for interpretation, mainly unfolded in art installations and performative initiatives. Continuing her exploration of vegetable metaphors and ordinary objecthood about human relations to environmentalism and existential inquiries, KU KU is a delicate locus between microcosmic and spherical dialectics.

Surrounded by a play of the color red and contradictions, shadows, and transparency, as spectators, we enter a space as conserved beings witnessing preserved glimpses of everyday life. Having a closer look, you might see small worlds preconditioned as fermented environments. Zoom out again, and you'll be perpetuated by the various self-reflective layers of glass around you.

Tomanová suggests a reversed situation of we humans standing outside looking in. Fermentation is partly a procedure of decay and metamorphosis. We are enzymes conditioned to burp, then oxidized to fungus.
- Lars Nordby

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Tereza Tomanová (b. 1991, Czechia) lives and works in Prague. Tomanová is currently a student at the Academy of Fine Arts Department of Painting in Prague. Previous education include Mendel University in Brno, Faculty of Horticulture in Lednice, Gar- den and Landscape architecture (2015). Her solo and group exhibitions include Super-Surface at Gallery Rafael Mihaylov in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria (2021); Come with me, I‘ll take you somewhere at Galerievednevnoci in Hodonín (2020); Two Rooms at Town museum of Rohatec in Rohatec (2019); and Komín at Painting studio of Robert Šalanda in Industra, Brno (2018).
Instagram: terezatomanova_

Installation view
KU KU, 2022

Photo documentation by Kalin Mihov. 

The exhibition is supported by NADACE, the Bulgarian National Fund for Culture, the Municipality of Veliko Turnovo and Tequila Bar Fnky Mnky.