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Est. 2019, in collaboration 
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27.11 - 19.12.2021 / opening night 27.11 - 19:00 

Gallery Heerz Tooya presents the solo exhibition, titled Kvistgjengeren, by Kristoffer Zeiner. This is Christiansens second exhibition presented at Heerz Tooya. 

The exhibition consists of a series of dioramas, complete with a pair of handmade shoes, a series of watercolor paintings, and a set of diplomas; Contemplating a scenario around alternative, natural searching methods questioning borders between belief and facts in the context of the supernatural.

A narrative extracted, continued, and raised from a story around the wish-stick and its importance within searching-techniques of the Red Cross in Norway. Frequently used by the Norwegian Army and the Red Cross as a reliable method for searching for missing people in avalanches. The wish-stick or dowsing method used by these ended as late as 1987.

Hoped for and was sort of
it finds things, a lot of things
Observe the plans within plans within plans
The old monster is letting me in on secret things at last 
It’s a possibility
I understand that accidents can happen
However, as someone once observed, given the right twig you can move a planet
When the moment is ripe
I ask only what you see in the future with your superior abilities
Humans are almost always lonely
Let’s return to this dream business 
The unknown sum called nature
Sensitive shoes
I’ll keep walking

_ _
Kristoffer Zeiner (NO 1987) holds a BA in Interior Architecture from the Oslo Academy of the Arts, and an MA from the Studio for Immediate Spaces program at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam, where he lives and works.  Zeiner’s artistic practice deals mainly with topics related to humans and their complex relationship to nature, a topic he transforms to become different entities which are later compressed into autonomous studies.

Zeiner co-runs the exhibition space Reneenee in Amsterdam together with Kim Wawer. His works are shown in galleries and exhibition venues around Europe but mainly in the Netherlands: Gallery Juliet Jongma (with Nora Baron) (NL 2017), Bologna (NL 2017, 2018, 2020), Gallery Heerz Tooya (BG 2019), TAM (BG 2019), ClapTrap (BE 2020), Still Making Art (NL 2020), Hulias (NO 2021), Arti et Amicitiae (NL 2021).

Installation view 

Diploma ceremony (2021)
Ceramic, wood, isolation foam, found metal object
27x70x23 cm

Installation view

Let’s return to this dream business (2021)
Polycarbonate, watercolor on linen canvas
300x105 cm / detail 

A spiritual addition (2021)
Polycarbonate, watercolor on linen canvas
300x105 cm / detail 

_ _
The exhibition is supported by the Municipality of Veliko Turnovo. Many thanks to Tequila Bar Funky Monkey and for serving free drinks at the opening night.