Jóhan Martin Christiansen 
“You are a flower, and in the winter, I miss U”
27.08 - 18.09.2022
Opening night 27.08 - 19:00

Heerz Tooya proudly presents the solo exhibition, titled You are a flower, and in the winter, I miss U, by Jóhan Martin Christiansen. The exhibition contains new work and is a conclusion of his artist-in-residency at ARV.International in Vishovgrad. 


Xenial overkill, blackhearted with material honesty and pop-superficiality. Industrial lyrics contradicting the scorched landscape as it is situated. You are a flower, and in the winter, I miss U is an exhibition one walks through as if cruising at midnight among shadowy beams of light while the vaporwave is infiltrating your mood. There is a daft resilience lurking in the shadows. "I want to hold your soft head and make it hard" is what the shelf-life of pop-materiality cry. Laminated with mirrored slogans, commercial attributes, and pierced objectives, Christiansen's body of work insinuates industriality as a human condition. A stain lobotomizing aesthetical inspiration. Yet, action-packed with emotional necessity. A Blade Runny surrogate of poetic agenda.

What sweetyhigh.com tells us about industrial piercing is that you "may look all rough and tumble, but you're a big softy on the inside." Staggeringly low on sugar and over-obsessed with frameworking. Surrounded blossoms surrounding steel like ivy. That, made into a logo, signed, sealed, delivered, and brought to you by trendy parceling and summoned for enthrallment. IAF.
- Lars Nordby

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Jóhan Martin Christiansen (b. 1987, the Faroe Islands) lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. He holds an MFA at Malmö Art Academy in Sweden (2014). Christiansens solo exhibitions include Tell It To My Heart at Steinprent in Tórshavn, the Faroe Islands (2021);  Speaking in Tongues at Møstings Hus in Copenhagen, Denmark (2020); Lonely Hearts at Kunsthall Listahøllin, Tórshavn, the Faroe Islands (2018); and TRACES at National Gallery of the Faroe Islands (2016). www.johanmartinchristiansen.com

You are a flower, and in the winter, I miss U, 2022
Installation view

The exhibition is supported by the Municipality of Veliko Turnovo, the Bulgarian National Fund for Culture, the Danish Arts Foundation, the Bulgarian National Fund for Culture, Færøske Kulturfond,  and Tequila Bar Fnky Mnky.