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Est. 2019, in collaboration 
with ARV.International,
Heerz Tooya is an artist-
run gallery dedicated to
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25.09.21-10.10.21 / opening night 25.09 - 7pm

As part of the ARV.I artist residency program, Hedda Grevle Ottesen concludes her artist-in-residence with a solo exhibition, titled Clerval, at Gallery Heerz Tooya.

Text by: Natalie Price Hafslund
Neo Hedda

You know
I secretly love attention
I suppose that is not a secret now
pretend I didn't say that
pour a little coffee on your ice cream and say
I foggato

such strong carpology
berry martini mineraletta
a tiny little affair bleeding all over my internals
V for viennetta
I believe revenge should be served as tapas
frequent, varied and often

tonight is one of my finer nights
a dark victory for the nervous child inside
the best place to hide
is in full view, plain sight, head full of sky and anecdotal murders
a damp woman, in a wet patch
is in charge of everything
moving colour around as if crime didn't yet exist

I have a new doctor
I turn up to her house full of espresso and shout at her balcony
1 2 3 4 5
all the fish are dead bitch

then I let myself in
stolen sausages taste the sweetest
listen sweetie
I don't have time for your prescriptions
i’ll just have what your having
I don’t drink bread with my bullshit

oh god how I would love to make my own caviar
my seeds remain in my respective body
relinquishing bizarre adaptations only in low end theory
glow worms playing together forever
dancing to velociraptors playing the hagpipes

I sleep with a broken finger in my vagina
and harvest pearls whilst I sleep
a one handed devil
slow dancing in the kitchen

I am deadly cereal about lucky charm
meine Kraft cheese singles
and care in the community
I think everyone should be nice
or no one should be nice
because it is getting a little tiring

_ _
Hedda Grevle Ottesen (b. 1989 Oslo, Norway) is based in Oslo where she runs the gallery K4 and the curatorial concept Oslo City at BOA - (Associated artists in Oslo). She holds a MFA from the National academy of arts in Oslo, in 2019, a BFA from the Art academy in Bergen, in 2017, painting at Weißensee kunsthochschule in Berlin and a BA in Art History from the University in Oslo. Ottesen have exhibited at venues like Kösk, Caviar Factory, VI, VII, Blomqvist, Podium and recently Vermillion Sands in Copenhagen. www.heddagrevleottesen.com

_ _
The exhibition is supported by the Municipality of Veliko Turnovo and OCA - Office of Contemporary Art in Norway. Many thanks to Tequila Bar Funky Monkey and for serving free drinks at the opening night.