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07.05 - 23.05.2022 / opening night 07.05 - 19:00

Heerz Tooya proudly presents the solo exhibition, titled ..., by Audar Kantun. 

If not human, then not human at all. Shuffling around the deck chairs on the Titanic, Audar Kantun salutes your sciamachy. If not surfacing life, well then, good luck crossing the road.

Thinking of man, not without content, but with all too much content, bursting abjectivelly all too wittingly. All self-defense mechanisms kick in, and the inner primal scream projects itself contradictory. In this conjecture, it is as if Audar Kantun, with his paintings, unfolds various scenarios of human bliss. Yet, an existential crisis is also bubbling underneath it all. A bunch of creatures being all too aware of awareness. Picky with its choice of candy, bloating of beer, fearlessly pointless, seemingly abreast with reality. If not human enough, then at least human.

Ever watched a movie on your laptop, and the scene fades out in black for a moment, and you, in a glimpse, see yourself zombie-like in the reflection of the computer? It's similar to a sexual release where you catch yourself unfolding complete and blissful oblivion. A dreadful moment. Should you embrace it or ignore it? Is there a third option? Is having a parallactic view poisonous? Dipping your genitals into lava isn't honey.
- Lars Nordby

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